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Westhampton is a small rural community located in Western Massachusetts in Hampshire County. It is 20 miles northwest of Springfield and about 100 miles west of Boston. It is bordered by Southampton to the South, Huntington to the West, Chesterfield to the Northwest, Williamsburg to the Northeast along with Northampton to the East and Easthampton to the Southeast. Coordiates are 42*18'10"N 72*46'30"W. The elevation is 730 ft and located in the Eastern time zone. The population as of the 2000 census was 1,468. According to record in 2009, there were 1,244 registered voters and approximately 542 households. Westhampton operates under the Open Town Meeting Board of Selectmen form of Government. The town belongs to the first US Congressional District and the first Hampshire State Representative District as well as the Berkshire, Hampshire, and Franklin State Senatorial District. Total land area of Westhampton is 27.3 sq mi, of that 0.2 is water. The 2013 tax rate is $17.15 per thousand valuation.


Westhampton was settled in 1762 and officially incorporated as a town on September 29, 1778. At one time, Westhampton was a part of Northampton. The first town meeting was held on November 19, 1778 with the Reverend Enoch Hale, brother of Nathan Hale. Enoch Hale was chosen as the town's first minister. To this day, Westhampton remains as one of eighteen Massachusetts towns as "dry", meaning the sale of alcoholic beverages within its boundries is prohibited.

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